The money is in the eyes

Dawn Simulator
A dawn stimulator ? - I always wanted one of those.. Oh, hang on, no I don't.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Lose some weight US stylee
How gay is this ?
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Official Thatcher.
She may not be dead, but her website is awfully dark…
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Stone some ducks.
Kill some ducks, kill 'em I say, kill 'em all..
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

That bear.
And while you are at it, get this bastard bear too..

Fruit Machine
Like being in a pub with the Beatles - is worth a look too.
Unearthed by webminer - Cochise

Pointless games.
Does exactly what is says on the tin - Pointless.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

What is it ?
We don't know why, but we like it…
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Build a Lego gun
Why exactly you would want a Lego gun is up to you, but if you do then this site will tell you how to make one.
Unearthed by webminer - Keef

Online Mini-Golf
OK, it's been seen a thousand times, but it's mini-golf, and it's online.. What more do you want ?
Unearthed by webminer - Darryn.R

Online darts
One hundred and eighty - Fun online darts game - Annoyingly addictive.
Unearthed by webminer - Ponderosa

Old Spice
*Website quote* - Whether you sweat bullets, smell rank or just want to keep your coolest, this is where you'll find information about the anti-perspirant or deodorant that's right for you
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

What Jesus would do
Ever been in a situation and thought, "Hmmm, what would Jesus have done in this situation?" well find out here.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Emily the strange
It is, or she is. Either way, it's odd.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Standard Letter For Women To Use To Dump A Man
Handy all purpose dumping letter for the ladies.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

Calculate your decimal birthday
Celebrate every 1000 days of your life - Just don't expect us to get you a present.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

The White House Online
George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the USA and 1st Lady Mrs George W. Bush wish to extend a warm and biblically intimate wartime welcome to - real or not, you decide.
Unearthed by webminer - SilverGinger5

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