The money is in the eyes

Posted by Thorn Davis

Dear God,

Whilst out on my lunch break earlier today I had the good fortune to be standing in the Croydon branch of Virgin Megastore, where they were playing the song 'Welcome To The Jungle' by popular rock and roll band, Guns 'And' Roses.

For a moment the song brought a smile to my face, as I'm sure it would you. The 17 years since its release have failed to blunt its exuberance. However, my enjoyment was curtailed by the fact it reminded me of I request (or prayer, to use your jumped-up marketing speak) I made when I first heard the song at the age of 11. I seem to remember praying, long and hard and on several occasions that "when I grew up could I please be in a world famous rock and roll band, hang out, take drugs and bang the living fuck out of hot chicks". I'm quoting verbatim from the prayer, here.

Today I realised that I am in fact grown up and I couldn't help noticing that rather than being a sex god, I'm a bit paunchy with cheap clothes. Instead of my job involving me rocking out, being violent and getting gob jobs from groupies til they puke, I write marketing copy for an engineering company. As for hanging out and taking drugs? Last night I decided against drinking a third bottle of Corona lest it mean I need to get up in the middle of the night to take a piss (to add insult to injury THIS HAPPENED ANYWAY!).

So - what the fuck's going on here 'God'? What happened to my rock star lifestyle? I've been looking forward to this for 17 years now, and it seems as though you've let me down - plunged me into disappointment. In fact your product 'Life' seems to be little more than a continuing series of disappointments, each more bitter than the last. As time goes on I've demanded less and less of you and each time you've failed in everything except confirming my suspicion that you're nothing more than a fly-by-night cowboy. You may wish to know I've sent a copy of this letter to the BBC television programme 'Watchdog'. I don't expect a reply, as you've never given me anything else.

Kind regards

Thorn Davis

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What are they saying in the forum ?:

Posted by Ringo
Nikki is my current favourite housemate. I want to stroke her hair till she falls asleep on my lap. Then gently slide my hand into her pants...

Posted by Boy Racer
I'm fairly sure Glyn is incomprehensible even to his mother.

Posted by Black Mask
You philistines, you should've been watching Buster Keaton, instead.

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